Crius OLED display fix

1. Desolder the flex cable
2. Cut the trace to pin #14
3. Solder the flex cable back, add a 100k resistor from pin #14 to +3.3v (pin #6, #9, #11 or K833 output), and a capacitor from pin #14 to ground (pin #15, #16, #17 etc., see the clickable pics).

4. Profit!

Crius OLED display fix 1

Crius OLED display fix 2

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6 Responses to Crius OLED display fix

  1. Nate B says:

    Thank you! This did the trick. I thought I had wasted my money because the display simply refused to work. I saw some notes about fixing the reset circuit, but your photos made it very clear what I had to do!

    Lesson learned: SMT resistor in 0603 is too small to bridge the 3v3 connection.. ;)

  2. admin says:

    Hey Nate,
    thanks, glad it worked for you!

  3. Roberto says:

    Is your device CRIUS CO-16 v1.0?

    I can’t make it work also and I would like to make sure the hack is mandatory.

  4. admin says:

    Yes, it’s a Crius CO-16 v1.0 from rctimer, this mod fixed the problem for me.

  5. Dominic Clifton says:

    Don’t forget to bridge the D1 and D2 lines to get I2C ack signals!

    details here:

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the link Dominic, I didn’t know Cleanflight supports OLED now.

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