5.8Ghz video scanner

5.8GHz receiver (RX5808) + Arduino + 5 resistors = very convenient video scanner, RSSI meter, and channel selector with the GUI on TV-out, supporting both Airwave and Boscam/RC305 frequencies. A must-have for FPV.


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Hawkeye OpenLRSng and Naze32 – RF interference issue



  • Baseflight tool won’t flash the firmware over USB when minimOSD is connected to the naze32 rx/tx pins –

    Status: STM32 – timed out, programming: FAILED
    Status: STM32 Communication failed, wrong response, expected: 121 received: 31

    Fix: just disconnect the minimOSD or whatever is connected to tx/rx, could be a GPS or a bluetooth.

  • Random signal twitching on the servo/motor outputs and the radio inputs page in the config tool. First thought was that the channels twitching is caused by the naze32 noise on 432MHz being too close to the Hawkeye RX, but a quick check with a scope showed that there’s absolutely no jerking on the naze32 PPM input no matter how close the RX is to the naze32. At the same time, the motors outputs start twitching really bad when the RX is placed next to the naze32.
    Turns out, the naze32 is getting swamped by the telemetry signals from the Hawkeye receiver. Switching the telemetry off fixed this issue completely. Another approach is to try and shield the naze32 board from the telemetry interference – not tested.
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Chainlink v1 firmware update

  • Latest Chainlink v1 firmware 1.22, version history, and update manual – here.
    The firmware is in some weird zip format that cannot be extracted with standard windows zip or osx archive tool. Use 7zip instead.
  • STM STVP Programming Toolkit – download here
  • The best 3rd party instruction on the update process using STVP here
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Crius OLED display fix

1. Desolder the flex cable
2. Cut the trace to pin #14
3. Solder the flex cable back, add a 100k resistor from pin #14 to +3.3v (pin #6, #9, #11 or K833 output), and a capacitor from pin #14 to ground (pin #15, #16, #17 etc., see the clickable pics).

4. Profit!

Crius OLED display fix 1

Crius OLED display fix 2

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Коптер отрастил клешню

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Инструкция по извлечению sd-card из сидирома

Вставил не глядя карточку в слот для диска и она туда провалилась целиком.

Судя по комментам, я такой не один :)

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Крыло, ночной вариант


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Нарезал несколько недавних полетов над окрестностями

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Прищепка для прошивки контроллеров

Удобно, когда контактные площадки расположены в ряд – можно использовать для подключения USBASP прищепку:

В противном случае, приходится паяться:

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Как страшно жить

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